Thaddeus Resource Center

About Thaddeus Resource Center

Thaddeus Resource Center is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to restore HOPE, inspire GROWTH, and EMPOWER girls and women through mental health services, education, life skill development, workforce training, and other supportive services.

At Thaddeus, we have two main goals:

To stop the downward spiral of at-risk and foster youth. We want to reach struggling girls before they become pregnant, homeless, or get involved with drugs and alcohol. By providing them with valuable life, college and career development skills, they will be able to reverse their downward spiral so they can become our future leaders.

To empower, guide, and support women and their families. We want to give teen mothers, single mothers, mothers of children with special needs, and mothers that are just in need the knowledge, confidence, and the opportunity, to provide a better life for the next generation.


Psychology Intern

June 2022 La Verne, CA
“Flexible schedule, work from home, meaningful connections made with clients through case management”
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